Creative Solutions to Minimize Disruption

Minimizing the impact of renovations is always a priority when we work on an occupied residence. This Charlestown landscape project is an extreme example. Our team transformed this courtyard at the back of this brick townhouse with brick and stone paving, extensive plantings, and a functioning antique limestone water fountain. That was the easy part.

Exterior Charlestown townhouse, all materials had to go up stairs and through house to courtyard.


The hard part was that there was no access to the courtyard except through the occupied living space. That meant that all necessary brick, stone, gravel, dirt and live mature plantings had to make passage from the street, up the front staircase, through the living space and into the courtyard - - without damaging the house. This we accomplished by constructing a hermetically sealed and fully padded corridor through the living space, holding in the dirt and protecting the floors, through which we carried all material for the work.

Living with a construction project is never ideal, but we are experienced in minimizing the impact. We do this through protective measures, as well as finding ways to accelerate the schedule.

...and from the living space.
Shifting material in the courtyard.
Finished work in the courtyard.