Board formed concrete is exactly that, a structure produced by pouring concrete into a form constructed with, or faced with, rough sawn wood boards. This is an intentionally rusticated concrete finish that leaves the impression of the wood boards embossed in the surface of the concrete. The surface of the board is generally sandblasted in order to further raise the grain, and thus to increase the effect. Far from a primitive method, board formed concrete is a calculated and not inexpensive building finish.

Board formed concrete can be seen locally in early twentieth century utilitarian structures, in casual agricultural or industrial applications. Further afield, in southern California, this finish was widely accepted for notable and sophisticated historic structures such as the 1917 Cabrillo Bridge, and the 1932 Olympic Swim Stadium.

For our clients, the board formed finish is generally part of a modern design aesthetic, in keeping with an uncluttered look, incorporating glass and steel. Our masons have implemented this finish in a variety of structures, inside and out. It is a treatment that renders utilitarian concrete finished and natural.



A board formed concrete wall, exterior application.
Historic 1932 Olympic Swim Stadium, Los Angeles
(photo Charles Kibby, CGI Preservation).